Valentine, the day full of love, is approaching! Everyone is surely excited to celebrate love in their own unique ways. Poets making poems, bakers making cakes, filmmaker making movies, students making essays (probably), and dancers dance—or watch couple routines on Youtube.

Creating a couple routine might be twice harder than the usual choreography, especially when we’re talking about love. It is necessary to potray not only the moves, but also the connection and feelings to the audience. Therefore some famous choreographers choose their own lovers to dance the couple choreography; and it works.

These are some of the best couple routines created and danced by real couple choreographers:

Keone & Mari — Is This Love 

Yes, they are the couple from Love Yourself MV of Justin Bieber. They are literally the first couple popped up in my mind when thinking of “dancer couple”. We go all the way back to 2010s when YouTube was mostly filled by comedy vines and kitten videos—or so Keone thought. The couple “met” through finding each other’s videos and eventually did some collaborations together. Their video in the URBAN DANCE CAMP channel in 2013 quickly went viral and got them a ticket to perform in the Ellen DeGeneres show. Now, they are married and work as a team for the dance showbiz. We probably can see them dancing in real grey hairs in the future. Amen to that!

Kyle Hanagami & Haley Fitzgerald — Sweather Weather

If I may add another title, I’d call them the sweetest couple on YouTube. Started off as dance mates, and many intimate couple choreos, Kyle Hanagami and Haley Fitzgerald are dating! Not so surprising if you watch how their moves synchronize as if complementing each other. This video might be where the speculation began, because how they can warm up the audience with their amazing chemistry in it. Kyle Hanagami is a choregrapher based in LA, known for his works for various artists around the globe. While Haley, beside being a member of Kyle’s team, is one of the background dancer of JLo.

Aye Hasegawa & Shaun Evaristo — Flux Final

Another teammate-turn-to-lovers! After years working together, Aye Hasegawa officially dates her senior, Shaun Evaristo. Aye uploads the video on instagram with the caption “my dream came true, I danced with my idol (lovestruck emoji)”. Both asian-decendants living in the US and have successful dance careers. Beside dancing with big stars in Hollywood, Aye also created a clothing line called The Ugly Duck. While Shaun is a CEO of a management company for choreographers called Movement Lifestyle.

Janelle Ginestra & Wildabeast Adams — Beauty and The Beast Remix

The couple likes to refer themselves as “beauty and the beast”. So when the movie came out in 2017, they didn’t hesitate to choreograph the soundtrack—sung by John Legend and owned it. Just a few months before they got engaged. The dynamic duo met in California’s Carnival, a dance showcase of top choreographers and dancers in the industry. They soon hit it off and became a solid dance and business partners. They started the talent company ImmaBEAST which involved dancers from various places with diverse background. They sure pick the right name, because all of their dancers are fierce and kill every routine like hungry beasts. 

Ashanti Ledon & Neeshnation — Come Closer 

Let’s leave Urban Hip-hop for a bit and visit another genre that is getting more attention recently. Known from his instagram posts, Ashanti Ledon is a LA-based choreographer focusing in dancehall and afrobeats. Apart from dancing for some big names such as JLo and Pharell, he also does some collaboration class with celebrity choreographer Tricia Miranda. However, his fans—me included—loves the #bae projects he does with girlfriend Anisha Gibbs. The short instagram clips including #summerbae, #laundrybae, #workoutbae, and more playful afro-styled choreo that definitely tempt you to jiggle!

Those are just some of many couple routine from real couple choreographers. I have to admit, there is a slight subjectivity involved in this article. Not to mention countless local choreographer that would do just as good as the ones listed here. Let me know who is your favorite and why in the comment section. And Happy Valentine’s Day, dancers!



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