All Asia Waacking Festival, or commonly known as AAWF is a big waacking event originated from Japan. It is first established by Mr. Nishi from Myster Osaka. Every year, qualifier rounds is held on cities accross Asia to find the best finalists. This year, AAWF collaborating with Etoile Dance Center does not only present the third Jakarta qualifier round, Indonesia is honored to be the country host for AAWF Grand Final too.

Only Indonesian citizen can join the qualifier round in Jakarta, but not limited only for Jakartans. Forty participants from all over Indonesia gathered on March 11th to fight for a spot in the top 16 in the Grand Final. The judge panels in the qualifier round were Angelenzy and HerdiMbuy from Nusantara Waackers and Rachel from ScrachMarcs. Sara Crisenka, a passionate waacker from Bandung—who is also an active member of WaackBDG—stole the hearts of the judges and went out as the winner for the qualifier round, securing her spot in the AAWF 2018’s Grand Final in Bali.

One of the judge panels, who is known as Indonesia’s Mother of Waacking, Angelenzy told us how proud she was about the event. As the person who has been following the development of waacking scene in Indonesia, AAWF qualifier in Jakarta blows her mind. “I can see how the waacking scene in Indonesia is getting bigger, communities that supports each other, everyone’s progress, and the presence of many new generations,” she said—adding lots of hearts emojis in the end.

Indonesia’s waackers are preparing for the AAWF 2018 Grand Final wholeheartedly. Each of them has the responsibility of their community progress and individual development. The distance between them doesn’t stop them to give their best for Indonesia’s waacking scene. Either they practice from a city to another, or doing a personal practice through a video. Waackers from Bali, Sukabumi, Surabaya, Bandung, Tangerang, Jogjakarta, Medan, Batam, Salatiga, Jakarta who are united in Nusantara Waackers will present a special performance in the Grand Final night.

Nusantara Waackers

image courtesy of Safinadr’s Instagram

Angelenzy also mentioned that she is sure that Nusantara waackers will put their hearts out on the AAWF 2018 Grand Final, and therefore she doesn’t worry about their preparations. According to her, AAWF 2018 will write a new history on Indonesia’s waacking scene. All Asia Waacking Festival’s Grand Final will be held in Hard Rock Cafe on March 31st, 2018. Shout out to Etoile Dance Center and all the organizers to be able to make this happen! Brace yourselves, Indonesia’s waackers are ready to slay the dancefloor!